Jim Wilcox

Jim Wilcox

Independent / Session Drummer

As the original drummer for punk rock / reggae group Authority Zero, Jim Wilcox got his start immolating drummers like Brooks Wackerman, Josh Freeze and Jimmy Chamberlin. Now after 20 years in the industry Wilcox works from the comfort of his own studio doing sessions for any style of music he can get his hands on.

IN 3

  • Most memorable Next-Level Performance

    NYE 2013 headlining show in Arizona. Something just came together that night. Everything just seemed to flow, effortlessly. I was calm and collected even though i was playing a 2 hour set averaging 190bpm.
  • What Drives Your Creativity?

    As a songwriter and music producer i've always said that the drummers job is to lift up each musician in a recording not stand over them. So my creativity comes from what i hear in each part of a song from each instrument involved. I simply listen and let the music take me on a journey.
  • Why do you choose Vic Firth?

    1. comfort, i was with another stick company previously and used a pair from a friend on tour and realized i was with the WRONG stick company, so with his help I switched. 2. The wear and tear. being a power player a stick that snaps in half is a NO GO for me. i need something that wears down and allows me to feel it. Then I can make the decision of where and when during a song to switch out said stick and never miss a beat.