Kramer Milan

Kramer Milan

The Percussion Collective, University of Northern Iowa

Recently appointed as professor of percussion at the University of Northern Iowa, Kramer cares deeply about the responsibility to share his passion for music with the next generation of aspiring percussionists. He held a section percussion position in the Midland Symphony Orchestra from 2017-19 and is a member of The Percussion Collective. His wide experience ranges from performances with Aretha Franklin to the American Brass Quintet. As an advocate for new music, hes premiered over 20 works of solo and chamber repertoire. Kramer holds degrees from Yale University, the Peabody Conservatory, and is a D.M.A. candidate at Michigan State University.

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  • Most memorable Next-Level Performance

    Performing Mauricio Kagel's theatrical percussion trio, "Dressur" at Carnegie Hall. We spent two months rehearsing 3-5 hours daily to tackle and memorize the 30 minute piece with my fellow VF artists Terry Sweeney and Georgi Videnov.
  • What Drives Your Creativity?

    My students at the University of Northern Iowa drive my creativity as their pursuit for excellence energizes me to no end! In addition, I’m constantly inspired whenever I make music with my colleagues in The Percussion Collective.