Mark Cross

Mark Cross


Mark Cross is an English/German rock drummer and songwriter, based in the UK and Germany mostly known for his energetic and groovy drumming. He has worked, toured, played and recorded with some of the greatest Firewind, Tank, Marco Mendoza, Joe Lynn Turner, Helloween, Kingdom Come, Ian Gillan, Tainted Nation, Hardline, The Vivaldi Metal Project and The Scorpions. He recently released two new albums with Joe Stump´s Tower of Babel, God´s Army and Vanishing Signs.

Mark is the happiest man when he is behind his drum kit and always seeks the playing ground.

With Vic Firth he has found a reliable partner since 1999. Mark is currently working on new recordings and will soon announce what this will be about!

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  • Most memorable Next-Level Performance

    Every band and production has been a challenge, some where more demanding, others not. To be honest I was overwhelmed when I received a phone call of the Scorpions in 2014 to join them on the Grand Prix F1 in Bahrain. The Vivaldi Metal Project had been the upmost challenge, very versatile with tough arrangements and to the point playing. I joined them for three great shows in 2018/19 and will release a "Live" DVD soon.
  • What Drives Your Creativity?

    Depending on my moods, I always like to listen and watch other drummers on Festivals etc.... Its a challenge and drives you further being open minded. I like to get inspired by others and am happy when I hear and see new things in new drummers. I also sometimes play old CD´s and play along like in the old days listening to Steve Gadd, Billy Cobham, Neil Peart etc ....... its always been an inspiration :)
  • Why do you choose Vic Firth?

    As a pro drummer it is important to have a company behind your back and the VF family does exactly that. Over the Years I realised that my playing has become stronger and I changed sticks a few times and came to the conclusion that a thicker and longer stick with a thicker shaft works better for me. I stayed with a wooden tip and here we go. The HD9 makes the perfect Stick in my hand.