Pancho Montañez


Manuel Montañez, known artistically as "Pancho Montañez" was born in Caracas in 1978. At the early age of 14, he began his exciting journey in the world of drums under the guidance of the renowned teacher José Antonio Mato. From 1996 to 2005, Pancho dedicated himself to perfecting his drumming skills under the mentorship of maestro Andrés Briceño.
In 2013, Pancho achieved a significant milestone by earning his Bachelor's degree in Music from the Experimental University of the Arts, Two years later, in 2015, he released his debut album titled "IMPROVISTO," a work that featured the collaboration of talented venezuelan musicians. The special participation of maestro Gerry Weil on the Fender Rhodes for the track "Problemas Paralelos" was noteworthy. Additionally, Pancho collaborated with Horacio Blanco in the interpretation of "Moscas," an original song by Desorden Público.
Pancho studied the master program at the Berklee College of Music, Valencia Campus, during 2015 and 2016. He had the valuable opportunity to study and collaborate with outstanding teachers in the field, such as Víctor Mendoza, Polo Ortí, Gary Willis, Mariano Steimberg, Marc Guiliana, and Béla Fleck, among other prominent artists.

In the year 2021, Pancho released his second musical production titled "YEYA." This album featured the collaboration of talented spanish musicians. Furthermore, Pancho invited distinguished international artists like Roberto Quintero on percussion and thanks to the release of this album in 2022, he won the "Best Jazz Video" award for his work "YEYA" at the prestigious PEPSI Music awards in Caracas, Venezuela.

Simultaneously, his outstanding career has led him to collaborate on numerous recordings with artists from various nationalities and to tour multiple countries on international tours. Pancho plays with Canopus drums, Bosphorus Cymbals, and CODE Drumheads to create his unique and captivating music.