Rob Mitzner

Rob Mitzner


New York-based session drummer and writer Rob Mitzner has played on Billboard Top-10 charting albums, films, and Broadway shows, performing at Lincoln Center, The Smithsonian, Caesars Palace, The Blue Note, Boston Symphony Hall and for President Obama in his hometown of Washington D.C. His book ""Drumming in a Band: Stuff You Can Use"" was released by Hudson Music in early 2022 and recently entered the Best Seller list on Amazon. Rob has also been featured as a player and writer in Downbeat magazine, Modern Drummer, Drumeo and Drum Talk TV and recorded on over 60 commercially available albums across many genres. When hes not playing and touring, Rob spends his days at C-Room Studio in Brooklyn cutting drum tracks, shedding funky electric bass and writing articles for Low Boy Custom Beaters, where he an artist endorser and brand ambassador. Rob holds a B.A. in Music and Political Science from Brown University, and is also an endorser of Paiste Cymbals, Remo Drumheads and Drumdots dampeners.

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  • Most memorable Next-Level Performance

    I've always felt that the measure of a great musician is how they sound on their worst day as opposed to their best "next-level performance." Even the world's most amazing players aren't at 100 percent every single time, so the key is to raise that level of your worst day so it's closer to how you function at your best. This consistency is so hard to achieve and requires incredible mental discipline and years of practice and experience. This is what I strive for every time I pick up a pair of sticks. I also try to have fun every single time because life is short and it's a blessing to be to play music with people you love and respect every day.
  • What Drives Your Creativity?

    The musicians I play with every day drive my creativity! Playing in a band with others is the single best way to learn about yourself as an artist and a person. While it's important to spend lots of time practicing on your own, there is no substitute for playing with bassists, guitarists, pianists, or singers. I'm privileged to play regularly with some of the world's best musicians, and they inspire me every single time we make music. This is what my book "Drumming in Band: Stuff You Can Use" is all about!