Samo El-Taweal

Samo El-Taweal


Samo El-Taweal is an Egyptian session/touring drummer and educator who has been performing and touring locally and internationally with some of the top bands and singers in the Middle East. He specializes in Pop, Funk, Rock, Hip-hop, Electronic, Jazz and Fusion. Hes summed in this phrase: never settles with mediocrity.

Samo is a self-taught artist. His curiosity and hunger to learn was the seed of his aspiration. Started with YouTube videos and constant practice in his own time. He then continued to hone is skills by learning from other drummers and being set on using his network to push his learning boundaries. His amicable attitude left him surrounded by internationally acknowledged musicians and artists very quickly. Soon, the melting pot of his skills was a result from the diverse talents he was mentored by. However, a turning point for him was attending Grammy Award winner, Fathys Salamas workshop. From this moment he was adamant on thriving and accepting nothing less than the extraordinary in his learning journey; keen on turning his idols to people he can work with. His secret is: hes never satisfied with what hes learnt or accomplished, and hes truly set that theres always room for growth.

Hes a member of the Electronica Trio, TELEPOETIC. Through Telepoetic, Samo produced a unique kind of sound to Egyptian listeners & fans; the unique niche music left listeners wanting more.

Hes also currently helping learners master the instrument and acting as an early mentor in their careers through his œIntroduction to Drum Performance course.

IN 3

  • Most memorable Next-Level Performance

    It was during my first performance in front of a multi-thousand audience. The first 2 songs I was overwhelmed and afraid of making mistakes. But then I realized that this huge audience was enjoying my performance and dancing to my beats. Which got me excited, boosted my confidence and enabled me to deliver one of my best performances.
  • What Drives Your Creativity?

    By immersing myself in my Egyptian and Oriental culture, and exploring a variety of folk Arabic and North African music genres which inspires me greatly.
  • Why do you choose Vic Firth?

    The Dual Tone is one of my favorite Vic Firth instruments. It’s great for quick and smooth switching while performing songs where I need to switch between mallets and regular sticks.