Vladimir Zinoviev

Noize Mc

Vladimir Zinoviev “ is a Russian drummer (born on Sep. 18th, 1983 in St. Petersburg).

He is best known as the drummer for the metal band Stigmata and Noize Mc. He has demonstrated the ability of playing many different styles including rock, hip-hop, R&B and metal.

Since the age of about 4, Vladimir has had a passion for the drums. At the age of 14, Vladimir began his full-time study in earnest when he attended music school. In 2001, he was accepted into Serebrjakovs College of Music in Volgograd where he studied ear training, theory, xylophone, vibraphone timpani and drums.

In summer 2017, one of the most famous hip hop artists in Russia, Noize Mc, invited Vladimir to join his band. For that moment Vladimir played a few big Russian tours, recorded several singles, and took part in a few music videos. In winter 2018, Noize Mc performed two big shows in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg which had crowds of over 16,000 people.

Vladimir is also a member of Rita Dakotas band. She is a Russian pop singer, who has a million views on YouTube and shows around the country.


Noize Mc