Eric Chun

Eric Chun

David Hasselhoff, Auburn Winds, Independent

Started at the age of 4 on piccolo, added piano and flute at 5, added percussion drums in 3rd grade, started to improv and write at 10, and started my career at 14 as a freshman in high school. Added voice, and did theatre also with sports. I studied at Cal Lutheran with degrees in piano, flute, percussion, and stayed in LA for 20 years working in TV, film acting, music tours, clinics, teaching, and studio. Shows with Pearl Heart, Florence Henderson, Roger Williams, Danny Vicari/Richard Baker, Acker Twins, Hour of Power, Burbank Symphony, Conejo Symphony, Wayne Kramer, David Hasselhoff, Tia Carrere, Daniel Ho, Pablo Cruise, Craig Chaquico, Larry Batiste, Marc Cooper, Roberta Donnay, Performance, writing, and education are big ticks for me!!

IN 3

  • Most memorable Next-Level Performance

    a multiple world drum pit of basses, snares, log drums, surdos, gongs, cymbals, Chinese drums, and mallets doing a solo 45 minute show.
  • What Drives Your Creativity?

    Inspirations with Vera Daehlin, Vinnie Colaiuta, MB Gordy, Ronnie Kauffman, Steve Price, Narada Michael Walden, Rob Carson, Emil Richards, Jerry Steinholtz, Alex Acuna, Chad Wackerman, Remo Belli, Vic Firth, Don Lombardi mean so much to my career.
  • Why do you choose Vic Firth?

    My all time favorite I always have to have is the SD12 and SD6, and Vic Firth General which I originally started on.. I love the sound and feel of Maple.