Ian Maciak

Ian Maciak


Ian Maciak is an independent/session drummer and producer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Working primarily in the electronic music styles of Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, Footwork, UK Garage, and IDM, he makes drum sample packs for That Sound, Test Press, Bandlab, and Splice as well as collaborating with artists like Machinedrum, Shigeto, Tony Grey, and Roman Bulakhov. Ian also releases his own music under the alias Trachuk on the Mechanical Official label based in Queens, New York.

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  • Most memorable Next-Level Performance

    I don't think it was a single experience but playing with bassist Tony Grey over the years really made me step up. He pushed me to strive for new levels in playing, listening, and being present in the music. Love you, T.
  • What Drives Your Creativity?

    Electronic music, especially Drum and Bass, inspires me much more than anything. I focus on recreating the sounds of early jungle tunes then I use those to form my own take while respecting the classic rhythms and searching for new ones.
  • Why do you choose Vic Firth?

    I choose Vic Firth sticks and brushes because they're a catalyst for creativity. The consistency in quality and innovation speaks for itself.